Hello world!

So, my name is Rasa Pachutko. I was born on the 12 of January, 1986 in Poland and stayed there for 19 years. All my family is Lithuanian and we belong to Lithuanian’s minority in Poland. (Actually I’m a bit confused because I have two citizenships and speak both languages.  That’s why I could never chose one country. I feel connected to both of them).

In 2005 I started studying in Kaunas, Lithuania. In 2009 I got my BA in Philosophy. Then I started studying Media Philosophy, still in Kaunas.  This year is my last and the first semester I’m spending here, in Tallinn.

I have been living abroad before with an Erasmus program in Spain. But it was much easier, because I knew the language. I really feel bad not understanding Estonian. I really wish I could speak it 🙂

I don’t like talking about myself too much 🙂

My favorite group is Sigur Ros; I’m planing to go to China next year and after volunteer in Spain or, better, South America. I have this need to travel all the time, but I don’t like to make new friends because I miss them too much 🙂

There are so many my people in this world and my heart breaks when I think that I may never see them again…

And for the end my favorite quote: you’re unique… just like everybody else

one of my favorite songs:


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