Ethics and Law in New Media/The Networked World

Write a short opinion in your blog about the real applicability of nonmarket production and related strategies in your main field of activities (e.g. design, education etc)

Well I am interested in Spanish language, both learning and teaching it. As there are so many countries where Spanish is an official language there are lots of useful materials on the net.

I am subscribed to one Polish page ( from which you receive one email with 2 new words, 2 sentences using them and a voice recording of them to improve your pronunciation.

Another example would be an online dictionary ( where there is a forum connected with language and translation problems that may occur.

Also, a page with free power point presentations ( It’s a page made by incorporation from the US “Learn Spanish Live Online”.

One of my favorites is this one: – Notes in Spanish – where one couple, English guy and Spanish woman, speak about all kinds of topics and you can get their records for free.

I don’t remember the web page now, but there was one where you could find already prepared Spanish language lectures – some kind of guide for teachers.  I used some of them: for example you want to work with some song so there are lyrics and recordings, exercises,  useful phrases etc.

I think this kind of production is very useful, at least it helped a lot for me.

While thinking about this topic I remembered every day becoming more popular concerts where you pay for the entrance us much as you want. It works both ways – for the musician as well as for the listeners.

Also, there is one more new tendency – to make movies by amateurs using very low budged. For ex.:

World Exclusive: The Hunt For Gollum is a 40 minute fan film, inspired by the appendicies of JRR Tolkein’s classic trilogy, ‘The Lord of the Rings’, and made for less than $5,000.

You may find it here:


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