Ethics and Law in New Media/Censors in Cyberspace

Pick a blocking software package from the list above. Install it to a PC and test it by browsing the web. Try some of the supposed ‘forbidden’ sites as well as some controversial issues (feminism, disabilities, minorities, various political movements and organisations). Blog your experiences.

I download the CyberPatrol program and set the following profile:

And then I tried to use the Net. And guess what? It was imposible! To load one page takes ages (considering the super speed of students dorm’s net) and after waiting all that time you get this notification:

Access Restricted

User Profile: Korne

Reason: Category server is unavailable

Category: None

To change any of the filter settings please speak to your CyberPatrol Headquarters’ Administrator.

At first I was contented because I typed redtube and I got the same notification. But after trying to enter my mailbox (at and getting the same results I was really disappointed. In spite of that I like:

  • the option where you can choose specific pages that would be able to open. I would even do it for my little sister because she is surfing in the net too much…
  • in the profile for mature teens there is a possibility to enter to web pages connected with sex education. I think it’s a good thought.
  • the tool might be really useful for people that are not proficient users of the net. Also it provides protection from spyware and malware.

I hope this program works much better in the US. Here I wouldn’t be able to use it and surf normally on the net. I am happy to remove it 🙂


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