Ethics and Law in New Media/Rid the Fools of Their Money: The Online World of Crime and Fraud

  • Write a blog description of an Internet fraud (scam) scheme.

I made this cmap just because there are so many types of frauds and for me it’s more clear when put into a schema like the following:

  • Review the scam-baiting websites mentioned above. Analise them from an ethical point of view.

I have entered to these two web pages:

and I think they are doing a good job. You can find there a bunch of froud examples that had been actually used and some of them were used successfully by Nigerian hackers. You can read real stories from victims that (some of them) still don’t believe they have been scammed

“I consider them my friends,” he says. “They’re not criminals.”

And, obviously, you can see the email messaging stories how the “good guys” try to scam the “bad guys” – that’s the point of these web pages. From ethical point of view they are using the bad methods but for good goals. It’s like Robin Hood’s job 🙂 Would you say he was a bad guy? Well, he was chased by the law, but the poor population really loved him. The same thing should happen with mugu-baiters – we should be thankful that they exist – at least some frauds are being stopped.


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