Ethics and Law in New Media/Ubiquitous Computing

For Estonians: compare the current situation in Estonia to the four scenarios of “Estonia 2010”. Which one is the closest to the reality? For others: if your country had outlined similar scenarios, what could they have been?

Uff this is a quite difficult question for me as I am not interested in politics nor economy (either Poland’s or Lithuanian’s)… I remember that few years ago one polish politician (Donald Tusk) was saying that during 4 years they would make the situation in Poland as good as it was in Ireland. Back then there were a lot of Poles going to the UK or Ireland to earn some “big” money, because in the country the situation was hopeless. So it sounded something like that: don’t go to Ireland, we’ll make you Ireland here.

Of course it didn’t happen.

This year Poland was call a green island  in the sea of recession.

Still the situation is not so bad as in Lithuania, for example. But I hear a lot of news that the government is just hiding the bad situation and that the country has one of the biggest debts. One can never know the truth…

As for other visions tat come to my mind:

  • Poland is in a quite good location (similarly as Estonia) and it could be a perfect transit country if it had better roads 🙂 I think everybody knows and hates polish roads – it takes ages to pass the country not only because on the bad condition of the roads but also because on the constant repairing jobs and intensive traffic. I remember one we were driving from Warsaw to the Northern part of Poland (about 400km) and it took us 8 hours! I know that the situation is improving as Poland is preparing for the Euro2012.
  • The country has good industries and a lot of natural goods. It may be almost self efficient because of the charcoal mines (Lithuania has almost no energy sources at home). There are a lot of industries with huge amount of production that is being exported to another countries (I have seen some products in Estonia as well). They do it very wisely – selling at very low prices products that do exist in another countries (in Lithuania some people are not any more picking apples because they are bought in for a price not worth the job)…
  • it could be a sea-trade country – has a big access to the sea and close to well developed countries – Germany, Denmark, Sweden…
  • a tourism country – mountains, sea, lakes, forests, architecture, rich culture… and it is a big country which can offer a lot…

In overall the situation is not so bad, few days ago I read that polish pensioners get twice bigger pension that Lithuanians do. I feel really bad for Lithuania, the situation gets worse every day. I think that big countries have always better opportunities, but I am really happy for Estonia. It proves that everything is possible 🙂

How important do you deem the social cohesiveness (or caring) in reaching ubicomp?

As Pekka Himanen says it prevents the negative consequences of overcompetitive scenarios. Then we should feel less stress and work better. Check the work place of google: people may have as much fun as they want in their job and then the results are much better. While working in a friendly teem where you are not afraid of telling you most secret or crazy thoughts, you start feeling self confident and become more creative. And I think that ubicomp does need a lot of creativity.

Nevertheless some competition is always good. It makes you want to improve.

Wikipedia says:

The report shows that material conditions are fundamental to social cohesion, particularly employment, income, health, education and housing. Relations between and within communities suffer when people lack work and endure hardship, debt, anxiety, low self-esteem, ill-health, poor skills and bad living conditions. These basic necessities of life are the foundations of a strong social fabric and important indicators of social progress.

And now I am realizing that in Lithuania the social cohesiveness is not so important yet. People care more about the money and cool place to work and, often, because of their “northern” nature don’t like to work along with another people. My mom complains a lot about her colleagues and of course it makes her more stressed and less efficient.

Ubicomp seems like a puzzle game where you put together new pieces and check if they are going to fit or now. And in order to play it you have to feel safe and fun and have somebody who would play with you. It’s more fun!


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