Task 2: self-observation and analysis of creating a study plan

Talking about the election of the courses I could say the following – before coming to Tallinn I didn’t know which faculty to chose as there was nobody from my home faculty going to Tallinn uni.Β  After reading the descriptions I decided that the biggest connections would be with Baltic Media and Film School (I am studying at Kaunas Technology university, Faculty of Humanities, Media Philosophy – quite paradoxical thing having in mind technologies and humanities…) That’s why the choice was not so goof because at BMF they teach more practical stuff (how to make a movie, basically). What’s more – there were very few courses for MA offered in English. That’s how I started looking for some alternative. I have been to the faculty of humanities (attending courses of material culture, culture and globalization – but it was not a good choice, too much of anthropology…)

And then I found IMKE. Actually, I think that I should have chosen it instead of BMF.

The election of particular courses was quite simple. There were two criteria:

  1. the course has something in common with my field of studies
  2. it fits my timetable πŸ™‚

I know that it my seem a bit poor but I suppose that every exchange student feels a bit lost in all the new system and tries to adapt as fast as possible. In spite of that I am quite satisfied with my election. The courses are very interesting and I still have some free time during the week (but stopped having weekends as I leave all the tasks for later; have to elaborate a better methodology πŸ˜‰ ).

After finishing my BA I decided that I want to study Spanish philology, but as there was no such a thing in Lithuania and I didn’t want to lose time I enrolled to interesting for me but not amazing studies of Media Philosophy. That’s why I am so happy taking the course connected with Spanish language. I really enjoy them! Much more than normal courses. Well, it is a stupid decision – wasting two years doing something that you actually don’t want that much… I was not brave enough to leave everything and go to Spain… Well it was all about the money…

Still I may say that I am really happy being in Tallinn and I do love my life πŸ˜€


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  1. Posted by Terje on October 14, 2010 at 9:04 am

    Your background story helps a lot to understand your situation and the description of your activity (creating a study plan). You seem to be one of the happy students who doesn’t have to adjust his studies to work and family obligations. At least you don’t consider this as an important aspect to take into account in this activity. Your scheme focuses on mainly different courses in different curricula. What about instruments that are needed to plan your study program, what about various interactions you had to create (with the help of digital technology) in order to achieve your goal? etc. Obviously you have taken a rather general approach.


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