Task 3

I have chosen Kristo, Maria, Reimo, Kerstin and Mehrnoosh‘s descriptions. All of them were using concept maps – the tool that was introduced to us during the course of Introduction and Theoretical Foundations of New Media.

I will overview every description separately and then compare them.

Kristo: he is working but had no problems with fitting job and university in the same schedule (there were many courses to chose from); has not taken any free elective courses. His first criteria by which he was choosing the courses was the time table, which is understandable as he is a working person. He has 5 compulsory courses and 5 elective courses that seemed interesting for him. Also, from the beginning he is working on his master thesis. I could say that he focused only on the university courses and has not marked any additional activities, except the work. Still, I suppose he has some specific ways of spending his free time, like going to a sports club or smth…

Tools that helped him to make his mind: IMKE’s Google calendar, IMKE’s overview page.

Maria: she divided her time into: work, university and leisure.  According to the course election first of all she considered the amount of credits needed for this semester (30EAP), then chose from general, major and free elective courses – her main criteria were courses curriculum.  She also mentions working on master thesis. What’s interesting: the university and her job seem to be quite connected and I suppose that facilitates a lot of things for her.

Reimo: he divided his schedule into two parts: uni and personal life. The first one is divided into online courses (where specific tools are needed: as blog, data sharing environments, skype…) and lectured courses – the preference was given to compulsory courses selected according to the time table and suggestions. For those notebook and pc are needed as tools.

Personal life is divided into work that occupies a lot of time and the rest is designated for personal personal life.

What’s interesting: needed tools were mentioned.

Also google calendar is said to be useful.


Kerstin: she had 3 criteria by which the courses were chosen: curriculum, personal interests and time planning. In the second part of the concept map the needed tools are listed: blogs, remember the milk, IMKE google calendar, mailbox and bookmarks.


Mehrnoosh: she used a concept map, but from another application (FreeMind). Her description is more detailed as she was looking at it as on a process. First of all she studied Imkes web page and went thorough the admission procedure. Criteria for choosing the courses were following: course info, time schedule and credits. She divided her chosen courses into online (3courses) and lectured (5c.). In the last part of the concept map she outlines the tools that she uses for her studies: blogs, skype, dropbox… Useful information: where she may get more material from – like TLU database, IMKE library, Wikiversity, etc.

Google calendar also is mentioned as useful to follow the deadlines.



all of the maps were similar, probably because we went more or less through the same process while choosing the courses and registering. Four of five persons are working so the time management was more difficult for them. Fallowed criteria vary a bit – for some the most important are compulsory courses others pay a lot of attention to their personal interests. 3 persons mentioned tools that they use for their studies and I see it as a quite useful information (didn’t think about it myself…). This way we may get some helpful tips. Not all of them mentioned Master Thesis (neither did I 🙂 ) but I suppose that all of us have to start working on it from the beginning of this semester. For most of them google calendar was very useful, and still must be 🙂

I missed some references to their free time – only because I would like to know their interests 😉 Maybe, as working people they don’t have a lot of time for that. In this case I should be really happy and enjoy even more my free time especially when having a possibility to explore a new country!


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