task 5

Have a look at the article, think about the concept of “interactivity” and put out a Weblog post summarizing its main message (300-500 words).

The article intends to analyze the concept of interactivity and it’s a quite difficult task as it is one of most used buzzword, meaning that it appears often in different concepts and nobody actually knows what it means.

In the article there are four communication patterns distinguished:

  • transmission type – information comes from one center and the consumer’s role is receiving it, ex.: TV, radio.
  • conversation type – two centers of information, based on info exchange, ex.: phone, email.
  • consultation type – one information source but given information depends on consumer’s request, ex.: on-demand services.
  • registration type – info comes from consumers but is stored by one center, ex.: logging of computer systems.

And in the conclusion “interactivity” refers to these four points. 1. allows to choose from medias content that interests us and we don’t have o provide some return reaction. 2. producing info that is later stored online 3.choosing info by request with a return reaction. 4.medias ability to record info and respond to it if needed.

So basically interactivity may be defined by different media types and methods that users use. It’s like a general point containing a lot of sub-points. I would even compare it to philosophy which is called the mother of all sciences. According, interactivity could be a mother/source of all media and communication fields.


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