Task 6

At a basic level of interactivity is the ability to simulate the interpersonal contact. Not quite beyond dispute is both a necessity according to the third row, and interactive relationship with time communication – objective and subjective. Objective standards of the time can not change, but their perception, yes. Thus, interactivity can ultimately be defined as: the extent to which communications technology can create mediated environment in which users (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many) can communicate both synchronously and asynchronously and to participate in a mutual exchange messages. So in terms of interactivity is achieved by three factors – the structure of the technological media used (speed, range, flexibility, time, complexity, sensuous), characteristics of communication settings (e.g. third-order dependence, social presence) and the perception of the individual (closeness, sensual activity, tele-presence, perceived speed).


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