One Microsoft Way: the World of Proprietary Software

What could the software licensing landscape look like in 2015? Write a short (blogged) predictive analysis.

This task is confusing a bit for me as all we know the world is going to end in 2012. 😀 Actually, I think everything could happen: the software licensing could become much stronger and oblige us to pay for everything or it could become completely free and accept any useful changes from users.

Even though it seems that the world is going more towards the second version – as windows is imitating free functions but there is too much power coped in one’s hands. A good example would be youtube and prohibition of almost all the original music clips – a thing that one had problems with imagining before… Another example from recent days the prohibition of some pages that were not even proved as violating the copy rights (just were on the suspect list) by ICE. And what’s surprising – the pages were not banned only in the US but all over the world without any notification to the owners…

When we try to enter to the this is what we get:

But also from the other point of view we may see how powerful can be the mass (recent events with WikiLeaks). I hope that in 2015 there will be a big difference and the monopoly won’t be in the power any more. With the situation that we have now the digital divide is just becoming deeper and deeper as only the rich ones are able to  have access to every day simpler things (it’s not only about the professional software) and the normal people have to rely on illegal copies. Most of the students do as they don’t have other choice… And, the students that are not connected to any IT fields do not even know about the existence of OpenOffice, for example…


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  1. That this game s story takes place in a virtual reality world to begin with is inexpressibly weird.


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