The comments on essays

Argo says that after the discovery of electricity and technology development: Media isn’t charity project – it must have something to tell and someone to listen. After the media has become a part of everyday life it has also a important side as part of economy. It means the media is not free anymore.

I think that media never were free and actually now they reached probably one of the cheapest levels. As Argo mentions in previous parts of his essay the history of media from ancient through medieval ages till XV century (Gutenberg) we may rethink how much did the books or inscriptions on stones cost back then. They definitely must have cost more than the amount that we pay today for the internet, for example…

I really like the following sentence: Looks like, we are part of one big computer, which uses us as little interacts. I think Argo has a good point here!

Kerstin is trying to answer to the question  is new media – a technology or culture? In the first part of the essay she defines new media and it’s relation to the technology. It is interesting as both Argo and Kerstin to define new media used McLuhan’s books but for the former new media is a message and for the latter it’s an extension of human capacities.

In the second part she quotes some definitions of culture and comments on them. It seems that it’s acrually hard to define the culture – the phenomena so close to us.

In the end she states that it is impossible to answer the main question as new media have elements of both, technology and culture…

The essay is easy to follow and very clear. It was nice to read it 🙂


The last essay is talking about ecosystems.

This essay tries to first make a distinguish between the above mentioned notions, secondly analyze the concepts and finally answer the question stated in the heading. — but the heading says only essay 🙂

Kersti is trying to define the words found in the topic: “metaphor”, “digital”, “ecosystem” and “new media” and it takes her almost all the essay.


There is an interesting description of NM: In the context of this essay, I would use new media as the dealer for the digital opportunities waiting to be used. Quite different as the before ones.

In the end we get the theme of the essay: Digital ecosystem – is it then a fertile metaphor or the new type of ecosystem that uses ecological principles? and a short reasoning why Kersti prefers the first option.

In general it was interesting to read other essays. All of them had good points and some nice thoughts. 🙂


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