Task 13: Redesigning and re-instrumentalising activities

Think of one activity. It can be anything, from different fields, from your every day life, etc. How is it carried out now? Is it possible to redesign this activity to make its outcome more efficient, more reasonable? Is it possible to re-instrumentalise and re-organise it with the help of emerging digital technology?

Describe your activity and explain how would you redesign it, re-instrumentalise it and re-organised it to be more efficient, enjoyable, etc.

I would chose the most common activity that I do here – shopping in a supermarket. Now it is not carried that perfectly. I don’t make a shopping list and usually forget something or buy unnecessary things just because they are in a promotion. Also it is harder as I am living in Tallinn without knowing Estonian so sometimes mistakes happen like if a box has a painting of a cow it doesn’t mean that inside there is a milk (buying cream instead of milk).

First of all I could reorganize the process by making an exact list at home and sticking to it. Also trying to avoid the influence of big adds announcing discounts. As usually it is quite difficult (especially for women 😉 ) I would prefer not to go to the supermarket personally. And with the modern technology it is actually possible. First of all there are plenty of online shops or real shops that have online services and you can buy starting from make up and ending up on a car.

Also the online supermarkets are becoming more and more popular. As far as I know in Estonia they are not functioning yet but in the UK (like http://www.netgrocer.com/) and Germany are more and more popular. It has some really good advantages – for example the delivery  service to your door. It is perfect for older or disabled people or moms that are occupied with the house tasks – it really spears them some time.

Nevertheless there still is the temptation of buying unneeded products as the adds are really well expressed on the internet pages.

Probably the best solution would be a smart fridge that orders special items of food when run out of them. We don’t have to worry about anything at all and we are safe considering the advertisements. Also there is a function where the smart fridge gives you a recipe based on the food that you have inside. As for a person that doesn’t know how to cook it would be perfect 🙂 I no longer need to find a well cooking husband 😀


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